Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekend and Austin / Marfa Report

The first thing I learned (finally) is that the jalapeño is the Texas pickle, Beckett takes me for a late, very spicy burger (with an obnoxious amount of jalapeños), his neighborhood is loud, people in the streets, metal head neighbors practicing until dawn, Beckett and Danielle have chickens! and a very cute dog named Brown, brunch at Frank (restaurant) where Beckett is a chef – he brings out the pulled pork eggs Benedict and then corn pudding and shrimp and grits and a random fried chicken leg and some peanut butter and bacon sweet roll, I tell the server I might have a heart attack, Allen Boots for new boots, bought 2 bells, Sounth Congress Street is funny, that all local cigar place, micheladas before work, Lindy takes me for a hike around the Greenbelt, Lacy and Colby take me out on their sailboat to Lake Travis, we decide not to moon the party barge, floating coolers, grilling despite the wake, Salt Lick for BBQ – the patio is as impressive as the brisket – and the peach cobbler… wow, off to Marfa, right to Padre’s, the Cashiola’s house is looking great, Balmorhea is closed, there's a jalapeño in the sky, The Lonely Horse bar-thing’s crazy fucked pool tables – you can bring your own bottle of liquor and drink it for free?, the bartender is kind of a shithead but cute, Pinto canyon is crazy isolated and kinda scary, I get mistaken for Joe Cash, bread salad at Pizza Foundation is all good, Beckett makes jalapeño corn bread eggs Benedict, Alpine for Sotol and stuff, Tim Johnson of the Marfa Bookstore Co. gives me some books, I love Tim Johnson, the date pudding at Cochineal is the best desert I’ve ever had, eagles circle the house, Joe’s new-old Mercedes gets a flat, finally made it out to the Rock Shop, “my friend thinks you're cute!”, some drunk ass dude from somewhere left his GF at the Thunderbird Hotel and wandered to our table, Joe Cash might film a movie with Larry Clark (wah!?), met Steve Tappis from the Weather Underground, wet to his house for scotch and sky watching and studio visiting, I get mistaken for Joe Cash, Sonic and MORE jalapeños, back to Austin, searching for gas and grub, we name out fried jalapeño slice and keep it on the dashboard, Beckett takes me to “The Corner Shoppe” which is this taxidermy utopia, bought a ram and deer skull and some other weird shit, Moonshine Patio Bar ain’t all that but the servers are really sweet, bartender buys me a Lone Star, I shouldn't tweet when I'm wasted, UT MFA film thesis final show, I get to see Nathan Duncan's film about a father and son losing their shorts while kayaking, Robin's eyes, the Spider House is kinda like The Paper Moon Diner but outside and bigger, Lacy and Colby have a BBQ, the Western Wok should be mass marketed, Shin Dagger Gear via Colby, the TSA had a good laugh at my 7 lb. ram skull wrapped in plaid shirts and electrical tape, long ass layover in Nashville, Words with Friends and fried catfish to pass the time, Lauren Bender picked me up from the airport and I bought her tacos and I went to bed.

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