Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Report

Some guy is forcing us to eat olives at Rocket, John Waters, saw my old neighbor who acted on The Wire, Army of Two and Gears with Greg, hit 22k words with The Last Book of Baghdad – it’s actually feel like a real novel, good words from Dark Sky Books (all my fingers crossed there), last workshop I taught at the BMA – we had brunch at Gertrude’s and talked about blogging and read work and I’ll miss my group a lot, Same River Twice show at the G Spot, where is the rhino? there’s a party tho, off to Woodberry with Dan for gin and oysters and meat which included head cheese, talking about screen printing and design, Seder with Patrice, flying squirrels and falling through the ceiling, this Beastie Boys video looks like it was written and directed by an eleven year old, Mega Man, more True Blood, that nervous giggle makes me want to strangle you.

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