Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Report

Adam and Steph serenade me with two ukuleles, Ross sings that Philip Levine adaptation that I love, Sweatpants rocking out on the rock and around the back and over the summit, I got a gnome, I got some great scotch, I got another Jasper Johns cake, we all say The Pledge of Allegiance in the back yard, Dan gave me a screen print of a horse named Henry, Dance Central is a hit, Greg made this long apparatus to roast hot dogs with, forgot to give Mike Young t-shirts, soggy mess on the patio, mega nap, talking about process and the local lit scene with Kathy, shots at the MRTavern must spoil any MICA kids who learn how to drink there, we are all assigned alternative names, this is very much a Sunday, Sons of Anarchy is alright, but what's with the super lame stock bikes they all ride - it seems like an easy "detail" to overlook - really, like they're a BIKE club and they all ride shitty "off the shelf" cruisers with sissy headlight covers, I don't want to drive to DC alone (sorry Ryan Walker... I love you though), three weeks till Texas.


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Justin Sirois said...

Yeah, Austin then Marfa then Austin. A very last minute adventure. How far are you from Austin?