Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Report

Show & Tell, Bonnie Jones teaches us three seemingly unrelated things, music from a more beautiful country, Ferrera’s family night clubs, 13.5 in Hampden, what makes this Dyson hand dryer the most efficient in the world? aren’t you that woman I got into a fight with on New Year’s Eve? off to Dio, three Woodard sisters in one room! shots of whiskey appear, giant dog in the bed, class went awesome – talked about creative community and writing process, my Garmin understands DC about as well as I go (none), Rally for Iraq fundraiser, Tamara is great, bathrooms from a broken submarine, Ale accidently says, “I’m just going to sit here and fart…”, Mark Cugini takes me around town, Millie and Al’s, some Capitals fan likes our glasses a bit too much, hat check? Steak and Eggs for brunch, that’s the LAST time I order eggs Benedict from a dinner, THE LAST TIME, but everything else was awesome, internet downtime, mall time, big ass veggie burrito time, why can’t I read more than about four pages of anything before my mind wanders off?

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Alessandra said...

I BELIEVE what I meant to say was, "I will hold down the fOrt". . It was however, an unfortunate pronunciation. Or should I say, unfartunately?