Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Report

More work on the Last Book of Baghdad, picked up Joe Cashiola from the airport, Warf Rat’s massive fireplace, beat at pool, Golden friends, post-party girl, BMA lit class – everyone loved Limbo (the video game) and one of my oldest students stepped up to play – now they are reading Joseph Young’s Easter Rabbit, off to Frederick for the film fest, “satisfyingly unsatisfying”… just wait for the next movie, lady, after party, weird dancing couple, Santa plays a mean guitar, Jenica shows us around the Frederick nightlife, “I just peed myself”, wakeup call, Nola Café for brunch – eggs Benedict with pesto and prosciutto, antiques, a zebra head and too many bunnies, no Beef and Buns in Paradise (WTF?), Midtown Yacht Club and Pac Man and talk of hooky, developing the Interpreter character in The Last Book of Baghdad – nicknamed Magneto by the soldiers, yeah, weird, Golden brunch, Of Gods and Men is one quietly powerful movie, off to Outdoor World, Joe’s a mean shot with the Terminator machine gun, tried to get into Woodberry, droppin’ 50s, sleep is for the blessed.

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