Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Report

Worked the hell out of The Last Book of Baghdad (LBoB) – up to about 40 pages – building the tension – the floating decapitated heads of political candidates and the cast iron statue of Saddam wading in the Tigris – and I think Nisreen (Salim’s mother) is one hell of a strong woman, ran into Nick and his Iraqi GF who sat on a horse made of ice until it melted (5 hours), amazing, met up with Ale from ISP for her Bday, Angela thinks I’m a “very calculated” writer, sure, more work on LBoB – thinking about how mass unemployment creates unintentional communities/alliances, taught my first workshop at the Baltimore Museum of Art, my students are great… but where’s all the media equipment I asked for months ago? ripping through Bulletstorm and kinda loving how ridiculous and fast it is, I typically hate these types of games, Dave and Buster’s for Lauren Bender’s Bday – skee ball and lizard tongues and we try to see what our baby would look like via a magic photo booth and this horrid, clumpy infant flashes on the screen and then there’s no enough paper in the printer to create a physical copy of our little clumpy son, I lay down on my bed at 10pm with by coat on earplugs in and I wake up at 2am wondering who kidnapped me, and wondering if I should have someone kidnap me for another novel I have an idea for, more LBoB, more Bulletstorm, read in DC at the DC Arts Center, Jeremy Schmall is great, yes… I do love Duchamp, gave books to someone, old radio shows like Gun Smoke on the way home, Bulletstorm and PBR and sleep.

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