Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Report

Christened the fire pit for the season, it was 70 degrees on Friday AND WINDY, s’mores inside the vortex of fire, Kinect moshing in the living room, looked at an investment property – kinda love it, kinda think I shouldn’t overextend myself financially but we will see, Nick Star (Gina Myer’s boyfriend) is in town, no parking in Fells Point, I took him to Dionysus, pork chop special with cheesy grits and greens (dang!), Kris bought me a glass eagle that you can serve salsa in, no parking in Federal Hill, Brendan at Idle Hour loves us, Chartreuse times 2, parking ticket, brunch at Clementine with Patrice, picky about eggs Benedict, couch sleeping, feeling aimless, need something (about Baghdad) to read, made an awesome pizza with Patrice (now I’m not scared to make pizza), Bad Lieutenant, more houses in Remington and Wavery that are all shabby except for the original one I looked at, snow? huh? Splice the movie is silly, more Understanding Campaign packing and mailing – it will never be over, the UC needs a social networking intern, four hour delay at work, yes!

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