Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Report

Tiny Furniture was pretty damn good for a privileged art kid movie, Lauren Bender drinks wine AND an IPA, painted the railing and a wall gray, I should do this more often, Crab Town USA with Goodloe, Adam Robinson, Michael Kimball, and Jamie GP and Mags and Mina, Kimball, the Galaga master, blows the score out of the pixel-water, the panther doesn’t move for a simple quarter, this pizza is making me sad, we are so glad we don’t live here, Catfish (the movie) with Patrice, Tuxie tries to eat my arm, one days after going to Jiffy Lube my 2008 Honda is saying "15% oil life"... WTF Jiffy Lube? I am never going to New Towne Dinner ever again (worse eggs Benedict), more painting, I am never going to Applebee’s and eating apps again (worst salty grease mess ever), more painting, started Justified – like everything but the theme song, Mark walks in with his perm from the Jimmy Fallon show, it looks kinda beautiful, introduced Mark to Party Down, got an email from Haneen.

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