Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“friend” Haneen by Friday, Feb. 4th and you could win this kinda ugly but awesome t-shirt!

As a lot of you know, Haneen Alshujairy lives in Cairo, Egypt and as of last week she has been cut off from the internet, her cell phone, and the rest of the world. We haven’t heard from her. To support Haneen and her family, the Understanding Campaign will give this one of a kind t-shirt (with a bunch of stickers and buttons) to a random person who sends a friend request to Haneen before the end of Friday, February 4th. This is the only way we have of sending her a message. Hopefully, once she is connected to the internet, she will see all the people who supported her in this time of transition.

We are all praying for her safety and, inshallah, we will hear from her soon.

Then send us an email saying you friended her. We trust you. Justin@understandingcampaign.org

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