Monday, February 7, 2011

AWP and Weekend Report

Picked up Jill and Callie from Dulles, meeting the Phoebe people, the reading at Grande Central went super well, wireless mics are awkward, I tried to make a mic stand out of my jacket, racing beers at Millie and Al's, we got kicked out and let back in, Brian Allan Carr buying me beers, you are awesome, Molly Gaudy and Lily Hoang and I spot two deer in the crosswalk and there was this pedestrian about 5 feet away that had almost no reaction, crashed with the Nano Fiction editors, set up the table, our table position kinda sucked but at least we were across the way from Hobart, sharing a table with American Short Fiction helped a lot too, lunch with Lily Hoang, table X reading was packed, bought the Avian Gospels, Steve’s Bar Room smells like baked feet, Adam Robinson changed the entire energy of the room, Literature Party was a complete success – sold out over 750 people, the DJ played Waiting Room and we went bananas, I grinded Richard Nash, at the table, all day, Square is almost too good to be true, thanks to Chris Newgent for helping break down the table, no one thought the Four Loko was funny, watching Beethoven 2 with Gene Morgan and Blake Butler and Adam and Tim Willis Sanders might have been the highlight of the conference, The Reef has little food, zoot suit, trying to have a conversation with Melissa Broder when I was kinda hammered, brunch with Kirby and Angela, I feel flu-like, loving the flood of post-AWP Facebook friend requests, Super Bowl-like, Packers are actually doing it-like. YES!

Adam Robinson, Laura Van Den Berg, Melissa Broder, Christopher Newgent

The books that survived the design crit of 2011

Blake Butler hosting the Literature Party

Blake Butler and Gene Morgan of HTML Giant hosting the Literature Party

Mike Young is not a beat

Narrow House table

Patrick Summerville nailing it at the Literature Party

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