Friday, January 7, 2011


I saw you yesterday

& lost a little bit of my cool.

What else to do? Looking for the moon through

the daylight – fight the night fight – find

a few dollars in your jean pocket. GIF animations will always

be relevant because there’s no beginning & no end

– you just enter it

& stare & there we are. Hey!


you saw me driving the other day, driving

the day around with the stereo loud. I put my arm

around the day, smiling lions. Cheese burger or

no cheese burger? Good problems. I backed the car

up to the tree line & opened the hatchback & played

music for the trees and animals and inserts. Everyone danced.

That’s what!


that’s what I like about seeing you – how the laugh atoms

succotash & the good infection snakes my stomach. Sometimes

I’ll watch the same GIF animation over & over – things get unclear

& then there is always someone there to pour the

cool back in you. Hey, hey heart attack in my foot. Hey,

hey Uzi in my trunk. You say, you say you set

the sequence & hit repeat & complain when

the quenched thing can’t be quenched – again

with the thing – I saw you yesterday

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