Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Report

Old MICA stories with Nolen, helper monkey baring its teeth, BG is one year sober, worrying about Haneen – still no word, helped Joseph Young move into Adam Robinson’s house – ah, the joys of owning a "roomy" car or van or whatever the Element is, Two Boots Pizza with Kris (Night Creeper pie and deep fried mac and cheese), I got my fourth Maryland State Art Council grant – who are all these people? worrying about Leigh and Lauren, on standby, breakfast in a biscuit bowl at Bob Evans (huh?)... what am I fucking doing here? walk around the mall, meeting with Ale from ISP, lamb sag, SO many free ISP water bottles to give out at AWP, Bob’s birthday party, people recited their bios of “late bloomers” (famous people who bloomed late in their lives), playing Nipples My Garden with Dan Deacon as MC, no pizza for me, tired.

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