Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Report

Poker night at Adam Robinson’s house, Aaron is not having a good night, my pocket aces and full house beat Jamie’s full house, I won, I woke up the next morning not really believing I won, checking the mail for new on the MSAC grant, the mall, no good sneakers, Kabob Hut’s new more upscale restaurant in Ellicott City has beautiful food, Old Ellicott City for an old wooden box, back to Red Dead, trying to find another book to read about Baghdad, True Grit with Lauren Bender, the additional commentary from the people behind us was a special little contribution to the film – thanks guys, Rocket to Venus with Joseph Young and Shaun Preston, Ms. Shirley’s is too packed, Shaun’s wedding planning, brunch with Shaun and Richard Gorelick, more Red Dead, Narrow House meeting, Jamie GP’s new shrimp and grits recipe without too much butter = amazing, WORM Book planning, Jets losing, sleep is elusive.

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