Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Report

Adam Robinson reads in DC, we crawl through some construction site, this bar just turned Jersey Shore, talking mushy writer talk, Mark makes me feel kinda famous, me and Chris Toll and Adam pee in my back yard, finishing Barefoot in Baghdad, Michael Kimball weighs more than 20 pounds more than me so I owe him $5 or a beer, Shya Scanlon at 5:10, Megan McShea – hells yeah, I left half way through to watch the game, watching the game with Kathy Flan, fucking Ravens, Tracks… ummm… yeah, MLKNG SCKLS might be taught at Goucher and I’m going to be a guest speaker, brunch with Jamie and Mags, Jamie gave me four cans of Four Loko for Christmas – I think I might do a Four Loko happy hour at the NH table at AWP, Kris gave me two chairs, restarted Red Dead Redemption, made brunch for Lauren Bender, Black Swan with Adam Robinson (that movie is awesomely ridiculous), four hour delay at work means I get to Red Dead all morning and shovel ice off the porch.

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Kelly said...

(fucking Ravens!)