Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Report

Show & Tell, Bob’s brother’s Tony Danza super fan Tripod website, Stephanie Barber’s life in the Hamptons as a kid, Jackie Milad and Tom’s trip to Italy, ok… you just disappeared, waiting for Phil, crit on the sidewalk, healthy boobs, Greg’s pre-Bday, drafting more of The Last Book of Baghdad – I’m pretty sure that one of the main characters will be Salim’s mother, got solicited by Dark Sky mag (I like that I don’t have to try to submit work right now), bought a new office chair because my old office chair was hurting me, Bluegrass Tavern for Greg’s Bday, Paterson bowling alley screwed up the reservation so we ended up in Towson, Four Loko and duck pin bowling, saved Patrice from some rave, The Ravens game, how weird is it that our football team is named after a poem? off to Brewer’s Art to meet with Chris Mason, looking over the new Narrow House proofs, the mac and cheese at Brewer’s makes me drool, Owl Bar reunion!

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