Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Report with Alphonso Lingis

Alphonso Lingis on the novel

by Justin Sirois

The battle of Fallujah seen on the ground by Iraqis. Two young men slip out of the city under siege to walk through desert patrolled by Coalition commandos to Ramadi. Two young men with conflicting appraisals of the situation, and with the loyalties and lusts of youth and hopeless hopes. The writing of this complex novel makes it a lyrical and sensuous poem – an astonishing and mesmerizing book.

Alphonso Lingis, philosopher and author of The First Person Singular and Body Transformations


Edits, edits, edits (I’m going to miss editing when this thing is done), Show and Tell, Katy’s brain, Rupert’s 30 year old Gang Fight, sold nearly all my DVDs to Normal’s, Golden West with Ryan Walker and Joseph Young and Lauren Bender, that loud girl from that fun night, no you don’t look like a raccoon and you are adorable, edits, Honey Pig with Greg (I think I’m going to propose a Narrow House Christmas party there),  the dealership lost ALL of my paperwork so I had to drive down there and refill out everything, they gave me a free $100 Am Ex Card, nice, old plates, I can’t believe I stayed in and watched Serenity (way way, way, awesome-r after watching Firefly, of course), end of the 3rd round of edits to Black, Light, 1993 which is now officially named DMBSTRCK (DMBFCK just ain’t gonna fly), invited to Alphonso Lingis’s house after he came to my George Mason reading and liked SCKLS, prairie chickens, pheasants abound, loud, loud, the regal collars of pigeons, the deadliest fish, Lauren Bender loves the cute outcast, Molly Gaudry with a bird on her shoulder, Matt Pinney’s paintings, skinny Buddha, a human skull, a wall of bugs, small weapons, bees on the inside, photos from Cairo and other places, two left feet and a musket, a feast of Indian food, gave him some Narrow House books, bed.  

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