Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Report

Shattered Wig release reading, Bob O’Brien set the tone, Ryan Walker’s new poem is fantastic, green glue to soundproof his house, putting stickers up around town, Facebook chatting with my neighbor, reading True Grit, making notes about the new novel, Adam Good and Kat’s going away party, scanned at the front door, the farm sounds awesome, we will be visiting the farm, Clementine with Patrice, Dan gives us a free plate of meat stuffs, is this the first time I’ve ever had pheasant? Union Suit! Party at Adam Robinson’s house, some kind of name game, I am Wesley Snipes, Joan is messing everything up, Bandit in a box, running through the rain, snuggling with a pit-bull, quick breakfast and off to the Indie Lit Roadshow book selling/reading all-day motherfucker at Jamie’s MONUMENTAL reading series, nap on the couch, Michael Kimball calls me a hairless dog, feeling ill, CAT HOLE experiment didn’t really work out, bought Dina Kelberman’s book, bed oh bed oh bed!

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