Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Report

Bought the Honda Element, ran into Jon Powell outside Dionysus, adorable Alaska girl, talked about Four Loco, kissed on the back of the neck, ran into Chris Ferrara, drunk MICA kids remind me of me, Club Phoenix, showing Greg the Element, editing 1993 which might be called Dumbstruck now… maybe, Brunch Club hosted by Lauren Bender, so much food, picked up the old Honda, Kinect with Jamie GP and Mina, 5:10 Reading, Kate got a promotion, Sweatpants brings the severe rock, busted with beer, the gay bar we’ve passed for years, no cash, karaoke is shirtless, how is being shirtless infectious? walked out, sold the old Honda to the Gardners, dragons in the back yard, National Portrait Gallery in DC with Kate and Joe, Cormac McCarthy, how have I never seen this Brainerd/Lima/O’Hara nude portrait? lots of Frank O’Hara, thought of you, monster pork chop with fontana cheese and basil, missed the reading for more beer, Madam’s Organ is kinda amazing, but the bartender looked like Belushi if Belushi had never left his home town and decided to buy a Bowflex – I don’t think I’ve ever had my change thrown at me before.


Kate said...

That rotten Belushi! Boo. Great time, though.

Justin Sirois said...

Yeah, you think a great bar like that would staff it with welcoming, talented staff, not meatheads who whip bottle into trash cans and slam change down at you. BOOB.