Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Report

(I got up early on Friday, dress liked a cowboy with spurs, vest, leather gloves, my custom 44 mag shoulder holster, and other accoutrements and I get to work to find out I forgot about an all day seminar with our component wide execs… of course I had to take off all the cowboy crap and sport a blazer and boots. I looked like that broke uncle that arrives at your wedding) Frazier’s with Adam and Joe, she’s a nurse, she likes Mother Goose and Grim, her friend has pig tails and a cowboy hat, Celebration at the G Spot, I never age? yeah right, Shaun Preston makes a charming hobo, run to Linthicum, you tiny pink sneakers, sidewalk holding, editing 1993 – trying to imagine what it will look like with all the scanned pages and Chic’s invasive journal, made hash browns for Bronch (bro brunch at Nolen’s house), eating at Rocket with Tod Zuniga, Literary Death Match, your young aunt, Steph got robbed, BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art) is packed, Club Chuck – Bret McCabe as Justin Sirois – Justin Sirois as Bret McCabe, talking about workshops – Cormac McCarthy, might go visit Tod in France before Cairo, late rendezvous, crazy, crazy, how did I make it to Nolen’s house in the morning? great quiche and great biscuits, pledges! just stay in and watch movies: The Girl who Played with Fire (eh), Capitalism – A Love Story (eh), the Understanding Campaign Kickstarter is almost over! Rejoice!

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