Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend and Thanksgiving Report

Thanksgiving at Jamie GP’s, the apps are just as good as the meal, Dan Rumain’s exoskeleton meat turkey stuffing, cheesy grits casserole, ham/ham, muffins from heaven, and everything else was awesome, talking to Charlie about bikes, The Expendables, exploding heads and Stallone’s big lips, tons of edits on 1993 which might not be called DMBFCK and might be called Dumbstruck, the fitness game for Kinect totally, completely kicked my butt, it’s great, though, tracks your progress, cardio and toning and all that – ouch, Noel Danger’s epic house, Phil Cashiola and I just tap sliced ghost chilis to out tongues and it's not a pleasant experience - how do people eat these things? Girl Talk in the kitchen, Black Ops – I cannot follow this story with all this screaming going on, more edits, trying not to go to the same coffee shop two days in a row, Old Ellicott City is lovely, bought nice slippers and floor mats for the new Element, The Ravens won, read at the Baltimore Hostel with the Narrow House crew, Dan’s poems are really fun, chanting with Chris Mason, Jamie reads from his notes, Lauren Bender and Stephanie Barber sitting on a piano bench with haiku, Goodloe on guitar, put everyone in a proper hole, called Ben Blum, read to him in the hole.

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