Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Holiday Report

Massive edits to Black, Light, 1993 which is being called DMBFCK right now. You think I can publish a novel named DMBFCK (Dumb Fuck)? Maybe. It is about illiteracy (kinda, but not really) and one of the characters could be called a dumb fuck even though he’s way brighter than we think he is at the beginning of the book. Hrm… I might just self publish it. Very limited edition. Maybe, it’s already pretty much designed. Either that title or Dumbstruck or DMBSTRCK.

Also, Narrow House is like 99% done with Chris Mason’s Hum Who Hiccup. It’s a crazy important book, I think, which Chris reminded me last night when I was watching him read. And it’s unlike anything you’ve read, this book.

Narrow House and The Understanding Campaign will be sharing a table with American Short Fiction at AWP. We're super excited. Thank you to Kirby Johnson of Nano Fiction for the hook up and hotel room.

I love my new Honda Element. It's like driving a tiny tank with good gas mileage.

Excited for dinner at Jamie Gaughran-Perez's.

AND also, the literally hundreds of people who are being drawn to my blog by googling "pilgrim hat" and then checking out a few pages for up to 20 minutes must be kinda mind-blown. NO worries, guys! There's a whole literary community out here you need to check out. It's amazing. Only a few dozen people have actually stayed on the blog, not everyone who googled "pilgrim boy sexy hat" was curious enough to hang around.

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