Thursday, November 4, 2010

8 hours left for the Understanding Campaign Kickstarter

Thank you to Jamie, Anna, Mags, Erin, Steve, Mimi, and Gabe at Threespot – to all the artists, Dan, Aaron, Aaron, Bruce, Nolen, Rooz, Phu, Adam, Bovie, Kevin, Ahmed, Masato, Gary, and Ryan – Alessandra, Jenica, Kirsten, Kate, and Tai – Kevin in S. Korea who gave big and spread the word early –  Lauren for hearing the UC idea at a Denny’s in Orlando and saying “You HAVE to do this” –  road trippers Nathan and Jon –  all the t-shirt models –  our man Christopher Newgent –  Kris for believing in us way back in March –  Joe Cashiola –  Noel of Novelty Buttons –  Dionysus Bar and Restaurant –  William H. Macy and Felicity –  Yoko Ono –  Dahr Jamail –  all the journalists and radio hosts and producers and bloggers – and finally to Facebook for not blocking us after hours of Fhm – we love you all


ChaCha said...

congratulations on meeting your goal! It appears that I've discovered you too late. Will your Understanding Campaign have a second phase? I'd very much like to contribute and see your project sustained.

Thank you both!

Justin Sirois said...

Hi! Yes, we will have a second phase and a long life. And if you would like to help Haneen come to the States, we're still taking donations. Email me:
justin at understanding campaign dot org