Thursday, October 7, 2010

Writing workshop by Justin Sirois?

I have a few days to decide if I want to teach a four-week writing workshop at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It will be in conjunction with a photography exhibit of their permanent collection. Cool thing about this opportunity is that I kinda get to format the workshop the way that I want – which will explore movies, video games, and commercials in the context of writing. In fact, there’s won’t be any reading or writing at all (in class).


“Why most poetry sucks” – why clich├ęs exist and don’t work, digging for details (not generalities), and tricking your readers into thinking you’re writing about them

“Experimental narrative in video games” – where minimalism and downloadable content is altering the way we tell stories

“Gift economy” – why giving and sharing creates positive returns, fosters professional friendships, and helps your career

“What they don’t teach you in school (on purpose?)” – contributing to creative communities can be more valuable than an MFA and embracing interdisciplinary collaboration


maggiesmeats said...

How about, "Vowels Are For Ninnies"?


Justin Sirois said...

Adverbs. Yes.