Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Report

Matt Bell and Jessica Bell come to Baltimore, poker at Jamie’s house, Aaron Henkin in a tux, I forgot my pickles, root beer floats with Makers, no good hands – really, Kimball’s pocket Kings beat my pocket Queens, let Greg and Bethany borrow Pantone books, waiting for Haneen’s video, 5:10 series, Brian Evenon’s “wind eye”, might have a good lead with press release stuff, gravy fries with Fatima (I told you I’d mention that), Woodberry with Jenica: veal sausages, bourbon, pear flatbread, lovely, Labyrinth is completely ridiculous, tag-team breakfast, out of dark roast, drive to Fairfax, little dog, brewing Belgian beer in the backyard, the English department at George Mason University doesn't want me to lecture about the Understanding Campaign because they don't want to sponsor anything "political" - anyone want to give some thoughts on that?, to campus, the Bistro is barren, read with Brian Evenson and Joanna Howard, eating curly fries with Alphonso Lingis*, he invites us over to see his pheasants sometime, yes! Joanna gives me a book, “What do you want for dinner?” – “Fruit.” – “How about a pile of meat?” – “…” – Cubano’s! yum, tired, got Haneen’s video, uploaded and even more tired and goodnight.

*"Those who find ecstasy do so not by visiting the shrines of civilization but by trudging in the swamps of human destitution and misery. Our literature of ecstasy recounts the dark nights of the soul and encounters with mystics in the slums and in the refugee camps of genocidal wars."

— from Abuses Alphonso Lingis


jenica said...

Much to the shock of my listerners, I've often mistold the story of the time my father hit a peasant and brought it home for dinner.

Justin Sirois said...

Heh. I'd do the same.
Revisiting Alphonso's City Paper feature, I'm realizing why I was so excited to meet him -- the man is a revolutionary.

Justin Sirois said...

...and I might ask him to blurb Falcons.