Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Report & Yoko Ono tweeted the Understanding Campaign

Sarah’s Text and Textiles art show, there’s a bear on the floor, I read from MLKNG SCKLS and talked about the Understanding Campaign a bit, Jon Powell drinks Fards, tattoos above the baby clothing store, too much Beam, sorry about those texts, Vanquish is one heck of a fun shooter, called Verizon to complain about my crappy EnV 3 shutting down by itself – they offered me an early upgrade – Droid X comes in the mail Wednesday, worried about smart phones, Iraqi Student Project fund raiser, working the door, met some great people, Dustin Wong is crazy-amazing, I pissed off Fatima, sorry, cleaned the house, changed some light bulbs, made hot curry pork chops, beat Vanquish (what’s with all the “assholes” and ass shots?), The Insider is one great movie, Yoko Ono tweeted the Understanding Campaign – starting to get mail from all over the world.

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