Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long Weekend Report

Picked up Dan, photos of Dan with Levon for the UC, i.e. Series with CA Conrad and Eileen Miles, met Fatima for the first time, talking about Ahmedi (Ahmadiyya), talking about books, ran Dan home, CA and Deborah and Eileen spend the night, photo of Eileen for the UC, big breakfast, can’t find a steak, ended up at PF Chang with Jamie and Mags, ginger! singing Lady Gaga, all the young people at Woddberry Kitchen, mint juleps are out of season, desert beverages, good to see Greg, FIRE PIT CLOSED (saddest sign ever), tried to go home, I have a crush on your hair, stop staring! Jenica gives me the Diet Coke/Coke Zero blind taste test, I win, carving pumpkins, no Nolen, no beer party, chocolate covered bacon, Chris Nealon and Rob, Willett bourbon, you smell like wood smoke, smiles, can’t wait for bed, day with Dan: game trailers, book hunting, duck fat poutine fries, Kane and Lynch for a few hours, home, early to bed.

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