Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Report

Out with Lauren Bender and Joseph Young, the new chef at Dionysus is kicking asses, Mark’s friend thinks Joe is 21, we convince him that Lauren’s grandfather invented chicken legs (cooking them), read at the Baltimore book fair, glad Marianne was there for the Bassie poem, making you laugh makes me happier than anything else, author house with free food and beer, wow, feeling like a real writer for once, working under the Hermes statue, croissants crawl up Joe’s leg, decent cigar from James at Dionysus, I think we scared Jen, UB professors wearing Understanding Campaign buttons and stickers, i.e. Series, Heather Fuller has the hookup with the News Wire, MSAC board, banjo made from a gourd, meeting with the Iraq Student Project national president was great, brainstorming on fundraising, Squid Fire kids shirts, Mina’s birthday party, presents and screaming, met Charlie, met an iPad, more interviews, more fun, more sleep needed.

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