Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Report

Took the new roommate on a bar tour – Rocket to Venus, Club Charles, Dionysus, The Tav, and then somewhere I don’t remember, some people call me the Pope of Baltimore, Peter Pan at 3am, you are ALL muscle, and adorable, getting ready to launch, feeling good, awesome cigar, 510, Clint is in the hospital, Idle Hour with Joe Young, football passing in the street with the Back Seat Owl (BSO), BSO at Club Phoenix, paling pool with John Eaton and BSO, Adam’s 5 killer shots in a row, new Joe wants to go to the Owl Bar, they still have my drawing of Warren in the office from 9 years ago, we get into the 13th Floor for free, passing the BSO from dancer to dancer, people are shouting “Whoo whoooo!”, BSO BSO BSO!, I shouldn’t even be talking to you, launched the Understanding Campaign at 12am Cairo time for my girl, emailing all evening, really, crazy, some Halo, more emailing, more awesome, where the hell is all the soda water at Super Fresh?, broke 1,000 on Kickstarter hours after launch, more emails, more, more, more.


Adam R said...

I never wanna live without you.

I’m never gonna live without your face

It’s 1999 I’ll never change

And I can’t live without you.

Justin Sirois said...

I really just laughed out loud. Totally forgot about that and Justin's GF's clean car.

Adam R said...

I totally forgot too -- Lamers sent it to me in email.

Justin Sirois said...

That was a wicked fun night, man. My legs are sore.