Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Report

Bill Barbot (Jawbox) puts on an Understanding Campaign button, the UC site is looking tight, underwhelming empanadas, found out I will be in the new issue of Nano Fiction, cases of Pee on Water, Adam will be a non-smoker soon, no Tax-lo, the Idle Hour needs to be located closer to Mt. Vernon, eating frozen peaches, 30 Rock, hazy, Hampden Fest with Lauren bender and Joseph Young, bought a skull mask, got some great news (City Paper related), green chili cheese fires with Joe, Red Room is now the Blue Room but it looks much better, still crushed, stickers and buttons for Molly’s students, the turtle is not growing, Bloody Mary, the Child Ballads show, good turnout, starving, sat with Bret McCabe and Frank outside Turps, they both looked exhausted from working on the Best Of edition all week, talking books, talking shit on cops, talking Madmen, waitress looks like a little Olivia Munn, dry burgers, Kris! drunk! brunch at Jamie’s new place, refining the UC Kickstarter incentives, the rest of the evening was spent creating the UC Facebook page and watching UFC, prepping for the UC NPR interview on Tuesday - talking to Haneen on the phone for the first time (!).

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