Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vegas and Weekend Report

How does no one want to talk to me on this flight? Hoping the hurricane doesn’t screw up my return, jacuzzi in the room, walking and walking, Dora’s bangs, how did we go from David Lynch to 90210? magic cabby, Photoshop World is manic, walking and walking, David Hardy picks me up, Rum Runners for cheap drinks, Huntridge Tavern for cheap drinks, Frankie’s Tiki Room for gonzo cocktails, then off to the Artisan for some acoustic jam thing, played $20 worth of shooters at some arcade, Army couple, texting and walking through intersections, Squid Fire sends their sketch and it is the cutest thing ever, this is the last time I don’t take a laptop with me, The American, “they just turned that light off… isn’t that fucking awesome”, walking, feeding Dora’s village, won $70, more walking, eggs Benedict with roast beef and horseradish hollandaise, hiking Mt. St. Charleston with David and Molly, Molly’s parents are super nice, big chicken, Baltimore Ubber Alles sounds very promising, Fells Point with Lauren Bender, then Joseph Young, decomp magazine review of MLKNG SCKLS is great, thank you Spencer, barbecue at my house, Mina burns 1,000 witches, Dan’s peach BBQ sauce (JesusWow), big stick in the fire, weird sleep.

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