Thursday, September 9, 2010

all things

Everything is coming together with the Understanding Campaign. We've got interviews lined up. Articles being published. We've got nearly all the art and new designs in. Haneen and I had a chat/meeting last night and she was up until 6am (Cairo time). Ramadan is cool like that. Muslims become vampires. Nice ones, of course!

It's really tough not spilling the beans on all the cool work people have been doing for us. I want to thank Lauren Bender mostly, though. I remember sitting at a Denny's in Orlando, July 2009, scared to tell her the idea for the campaign. Once I got it out she said I had to do it - that it was something I just had to do. It took another 1/2 year to get the courage to start the thing. And then another 1/2 year to get it really functioning. Jamie Gaughran-Perez has a lot to do with making us slow down and create a real strategy. And he convinced a very powerful web firm to create our website and Kickstarter video. Massive.     

So yeah. Exciting as heck. I want all y'all in on it, too.  

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