Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Report

Golden West with Lauren Bender, gave a SCKLS to Mike, wanted to see his chopped Honda (bike), tic-tac-toe with poop instead of x’s and o’s, dodging the guy in the white shirt, it’s ok to miss this, Understanding Campaign photo shoot 2 with Phu and friends, pudgy-cute baby, heroic poses, running through Kane and Lynch 2 again is a lot more fun when you realize you can zip through ammo and not worry about running out, whiskey on Jamie’s deck, Ottobar, I love little Dana, Chuck joins the Army, Chuck in a suit, how does Simon the Phoenix look younger, Wham City doods live in my old house – crazy, Joe Squared, in my car – unbuckle you, head is a Frisbee, we’re going to kidnap her and bring her back to the house with us, need a walk, need to pack for Vegas, need to cash in all these coins for Vegas, end of summer cocktail party at Dave and Uparna’s: tiny slaves in the ceiling beams, baby cats have grown up, beer is magic, guacamole is magic, explaining the Understanding, no AC, sweaty friends, inverted nipples, Dave shows me the new Bioshock trailer (WTF?), cutecutecute, crab dip is a hit, Joan’s dress gets blown up by the fan, drop you off, text you, text you.


Adam R said...

NOT end of summer.

Justin Sirois said...

I second that.

Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

We will continue celebration the not-end of Summer on a porch in Mount Vernon.