Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Report

Ric Royer roast was spot on – “how do you know you’ve been fucked by Ric? You aren’t laughing”, had to leave early for the Sweat Pants show, morbid obesity, a man back from Kurdistan, Mister Free and the Satellite Freakout blew out minds a little bit, Jamie loses his voice almost, Salts managed to poop underneath my pillow… I seriously have no idea how she learned magic, spent most of the morning cleaning that up (someone help me with this vile demon), helping Jamie move, four floors feels like four floors, Philly with Adam Robinson and Joseph Young, 12 Steps Down, because Baltimore rules! ran into CA Conrad on a stoop, off to Doylestown, this place is way more Jersey Shore than I thought it would be, Dave Nesmith’s aunt is 27 years old, she’s wearing a cowboy silly band, some redneck dude wanted to knock the Freakout out, Sweatpants rocked it out, back seat sleep, Cheetos on the floor, exercise, reorganize, ready for Chicago - books for Kathryn Regina and Chris Newgent - print out all the new UCampaign copy for the website to edit on the plane - print out Black, Light, 1993 to edit during down time, why did I stop playing Dead Space… this game is completely sick (zero gravity upside-down undead splatter-gross), Madmen... Don Draper you slut!

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