Thursday, August 26, 2010

thoughts on the Understanding Campaign

The Understanding Campaign Urbanite telephone interview was intense, but helpful. Generated a few strong ideas from the exchange: the value of de-politicizing an issue that shouldn't be so politically charged, realizing how simple and complicated the Campaign is (is learning one word of a language really that controversial?). I spoke with the interviewer for about half an hour; it's also refreshing when someone makes you articulate concepts that are already in your head, but you haven't verbalized yet. Thanks, man!

I'm also realizing how much a person is changed when they to sign up with the Campaign -- or at least how much I have been changed. Wearing a button/pin and actively engaging strangers in conversation, turning strangers into friends, sharing a small idea that is growing so quickly, this is all part of the international community building that the Understanding Campaign endorses. And I'm excited that so many other people are excited about it too.  

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