Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Report

Picked up the new Understanding Campaign t-shirts, beers and whiskey on the stoop of Adam’s new, but not new place, dogs at Stuggy’s (very good), The Whistling Oyster, the cover bands of Fells Point, saw Rob at Club Chuck, Campaign photo shoot with Greg, Molly, Tai, and Kate, everyone looks professional and awesome, off to the shooting range with Molly Gaudy and Tai Turner, guy in the booth to our left is busting our eardrums, impossible parking at the Roller Derby, I’m a new convert – this sport is crazy fun (to watch), Ottobar for Bang Bang, walking down Howard street with a $200 GPS and a bag of bullets at midnight, unavoidable, slept at Jamie’s house, my landscaper is so unreliable, need new break pads but don't want to get them if I'm buying a new car in a few months - ugh, exploding cigar, Get Low with Adam Robinson, I missed too much Mad Men season 4 so no I’m too far behind to watch, sadness, more of Breaking Bad, work blocked all tumblr blogs and that is cramping my design life.

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