Monday, August 16, 2010

Orlando and Weekend Report

The pilot comes out to address the plane and we think the flight will be delayed by hours, but it’s only 20 minutes, swimming and swimming, book shopping, cigars, waitress at Rolando's, “hey laaaady”, the many gifts Jodi got for Mina, three parks in one day (Muppets 3D, Michael Bay does not need more glorification, somehow Captain EO is better now that I’m older, Star Tours, did Disney always have terrible food? Pirates, electric light parade, obese people), introducing Jamie to Krystal burgers, arcade with Joe and Jamie, Gatorland has 5 employees that do everything, redneck jump-a-roo, mom tries to spit on an alligator, Mina hates birds, parakeet swarm, hot mom is showing off her hotness, this TV is about to evaporate, quick trip to Pancho’s for mexi-awesome, volleyball without a net, Mina is a dolphin, grillin’, home, found out Panda is dead - heart goes out to his family and the old crew of Baltimore - he had a good heart that one.

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