Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NW Baltimore rules

Ever since I bought my house in 2005, I've been thrilled to see vibrant Arab and Korean communities thriving in my neighborhood. I kinda of count Woodlawn, Gwynn Oak, and some of Catonsville in my umbrella of "neighborhood" as I'm constantly driving out to the north side of route 40 for produce at HMart (Hanarhuem) and Fader's for cigars, often times picking up 75 cent hand-made, veggie samosas at the local Arab market. Lord, they are amazing. And there is one of the best Indian buffets just down the street named Shahi Grill; it's dangerously delicious (to steal a well-known Baltimore title). I've felt blessed to still have easy access to so many ethnic grocery stores and restaurants even though I live 10 minutes outside the city.

Now it seem like there's yet another gem in the Gwynn Oak area:

(probably one of the best names I can think of)


Adam R said...

Honey Pig! Let's roll.

Justin Sirois said...

We should go this week.

maggiesmeats said...

honey pig could fast become a favorite term of endearment for J...

Justin Sirois said...

Ummm. No.