Monday, August 9, 2010

Chicago and Weekend Report

Had a great conversation about the Understanding Campaign with a mother and little daughter on the plane – the daughter was using an Arabic language learning app on an iPhone, the Sax Hotel in Chicago looks like a Hot Topic for adults (think Mathew Barney meets Channel), I actually made it to Hyde Park on the bus, it is always a treat to see Gina Myers, Nick Demske is a monster (a good monster), we shared a cab back to downtown, our cabbie knew his Cheney, inDesign training, the Art building on 400 Michigan is like an arts palace from the 20s, showing off my book covers and design to the class, 2 hour long power walk, I accidentally spit on a pigeon, figs and blue cheese and salami, talked about Cormac McCarthy with some guy outside my hotel, House of Blues happy hour ruined by Ted Nugent fans, Millennium Park at night, giant eyeball with Kathryn Regina, she’s a sweetheart, The Rainbow Room, yes… he made fun of my friend’s butt in high school… or maybe he was actually digging on the butt, Artifice Mag team, sending all you guys even more Understanding Campaign stickers soon, Black Keys after party at my hotel, eggs benedict with braised rabbit hash and goat cheese grits, back to Baltimore, beers and whiskey on Jamie’s new roof deck, gave some Narrow House books to Mason Ross, off to Gabe’s house for the Kickstarter filming, beautiful place, swapping shirts in the woods, sweat patterns, I love the Threespot team, massive dinner at Woodberry (veal heart, fried rabbit, ribeye like butter, goat ricotta cheese cake, and expert mint juleps by Greg), massive sleep in my very own bed.


Christopher said...

Still bummed I couldn't make it up to visit. Looking forward to D.C.

Justin Sirois said...

AWP DC 2011 is going to ROCK. Narrow House and Pub G. are planning a killer offsite party which hopefully involves a poker tournament and live bands. F readings, I say!