Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Report

Why in the world did I order that pile of French fries with chicken gravy and cheese? ew… but amazing… but ew, “That better be the only irresponsible thing I do tonight”, Mister Rana the accountant is a total pig, why do they pour me giant whiskeys at Club Charles… I mean GIANT? craziness, Andy Nelson’s BBQ with Dan Rumain and Greg Magliacane, Greg says my reclaimed barn wood awesome dining room table is almost finished – now all I have to do is get rid of that horrid light fixture in the kitchen which someone I love wanted to replace a long time ago, Jamie spots an Understanding sticker on a van, we go swimming at the community pool, Dan reads The Road, talking with a couple about the Campaign while we wait for pizza, more stickers passed out, Kane & Lynch co-op with Dan, he’s feeling better, internal scar tissue gives me the heebies, King of Kong is so good – made me feel great about being a gamer, Golden West with Lauren, now I want to murder a certain someone, Madmen premiere lived up to my expectations, odd dreams.

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