Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Report

Paid $10 for parking to Load of Fun (the only $10 that place will ever get from me), Sweatpants sounded awesome, appetizer attack at Turds (Turps), Inception was pretty darn amazing – I can sort of see how someone can write a screenplay like that, but I can also see why it took 10 years, Adam bought a sweet new phone, Cold War Kids at Artscape, my feet are killing me, the boy with the green shirt does not have a beard, new chef at Dionysus, “the new flavor of Timmy”, Joe Young and I get the hell out of there, lanterns over Midway, Grundle Hammer is hilariously great, meet some dood, Charles Street should always be like this, hanging out with post-herniated Dan Rumain, Predators = kinda cheesy - of course the girl is the sniper and the Serbian (I think) guy carries the Gatling… of course the Yakuza guy goes head to head with a Predator… of course Topher Grace is a psycho-druggy… Ah! Dan’s dog is a sweetie, some first-person-shooters in the summer attic heat, dreams about Vanessa and I in a hotel room with helicopters and the sky is dark at noon.

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