Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Report

Going back into 1993 – thinking it might be called Black. Light. 1993. the restorative powers of V-8. Lindy is in town, teaching some people about the Understanding Campaign, Makers, Makers, yes… the City Paper... on the cover, no hard feelings, Magnums… who knew? bought a Garmin, love the Garmin, how do I make my car icon into a floating slice of pizza? off to the Museum of the American Indian, why can’t I see the tomahawk/pipe (for smoking) instead of viewing it on some dopey video screen? Rad native garb made from baseball mitts, I just had to add rad to my spell-check (new PC), dream pillow, falafel at Amsterdam, slept through Saturday night, more work on 1993, my windshield was so dirty, do you know how many great things you can get at the dollar store? burrito ritual, boxes of .22 LR, framed a photo of Haneen for the hallway, wrote Fihm (understanding) about 150 times with a brush and ink, dinner/meeting with Jamie and Mags at Victoria’s Gastro Pub, duck fat and confit fries, too many beers on the menu, a poem about a holes.

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