Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Report

(very long week and weekend report) “bring that book next time”, CD manufacturing press sheet inspection, we fight for the Chrysler 300, Cracker Barrel every 3 miles, white gravy, ew, this hotel does not live up to its promises, Natty Greens in Greensboro, ok, ok, glass masters and pressmen and a consultant that looks like Jay Leno, we talk guns, we talk paper fiber and lithography and ink viscosity, Smokey Bones waitress is a champ, he owns the receiver of a machine gun, common ground, The International Civil Right Museum is slick, Fincastles’ onion rings are the best I’ve ever had (the waiter broke out in There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough), someone stop me from buying boots, largest cigar dealer in the world, homemade corn whiskey from a Seven Up bottle, snipers, Enola Gay, “does hops smell like beer?”, flight delays and meeting canceled, bought a .22 LR Henry Repeater because my day was shot to shit and I always wanted one, chat meeting with Haneen about UC becoming a hub for all under-covered Middle East organizations, Dahr likes it (thanks Dahr!), more writing, off to the 14 Karat, The Last Bucky Bilson Show, asked Dan D if he wants to publish a book with Narrow House, Lauren is getting better and better, Dan Deacons’ hilarious call and response “I have a giant pencil that I have to hold with two hands”, Foot Foot, Nathan Duncan’s going away party, water balloons, s’mores, too much Beam, too close to the fireworks, alone on the 4th, I watched Lauren eat sushi, Rob is moving out, Ashley might move in, I really don’t remember the rest of the weekend… wrote a lot… or edited rather, walked, Zombie Land, got a call from LA, got to go to bed early.

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