Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Report

Weekly chat meeting with Haneen – building the narrative – emotionally hooking the audience, met Nathan Duncan at Golden West, Sun can’t spell, drama and drama, the bathrooms at Rocket smell like boiling piss, sleeping strategy, biggest shot of Beam I’ve ever seen, adding backstory to Falcons on the Floor - Khalil steals the teacher's hand bell - how Salim starts working for Mister Hassnawi - Red Dead with Brian in Orlando, hey Joe, dinner with Mina and Jamie and Carol, the pad Thai at Susie Soba takes like pocket change, your book sounds brilliant, mint juleps at Woodberry are the best desert in town, colostomy bag as defensive weapon, I hope it all works out with that thing we can’t mention yet, meeting with Chris Mason about his Narrow House book, you put your phone under the dinner table to text, Mad Men, yeah Mom – you should grant write for us when we’re up and running, there must be a dozen varieties of beetles on my front porch, texting in your sister’s bed, I cannot wait for my meeting with ThreeSpot on Friday - they've got 8-10 people working on the Understanding Campaign website - needless to say, it's going to be rad.

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