Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Report

Nudashank, hyper-color and pyramids and op-art, oh my! so many compliments, no I am not, ok… yes I am, I need to toss this Beam, you’re working where? puma skit, love it, love it, love it, Hun Fest with Lauren, eating on a porch, I am going to bite your empanada, little bubbly pool, the mall, the Rack, introducing Alec Niedenthal to Baltimore, the boys come over, beer and Red Dead, Alec shows me how to slit throats, awkward tip, awkward bathroom, men eyeing men, no strip club, chartreuse, some tall girl, Marines vs. Cops in Baltimore, Cops win because they have dogs and drugs, early to bed, Understanding Campaign meeting in Silver Spring, lots done, hottest drive ever, now I want that little bubbly pool, melt into couch, Red Dead online is strange – posturing – trust – quick death.

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