Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Report

Progress on 1993, big new that I can’t reveal yet, driving to DC, jamin’ out to Sweetney’s summer mix, “art incubator”, this performance somehow utilizes every art school cliché imaginable (sweaty mime… check, audience participation… check, smoke machine… check, mannequin… check, TV with white noise… check, hovering eyeball… check, short Asian girl playing the cello… check), Lauren Bender has nothing to fear, and then there’s some awkward man-fight about anal sex or something, lost, gas burned, drunk tweets at Rocket to V, Lauren Becker sends photos of Stephen Elliot for the Understanding Campaign, Lauren Becker is awesome, Denise Tassin’s wedding reception, tiny wood paneled room, great food and friends, nice to see you after all this time, Gary K. likes the weed, keep staring at that Honda Element, Kris got me a tiny Quran that is also a necklace, we gorge at Tapas Teatro, GoldieLocks, Jamie and Chris Toll at Minas, I’ve never seen the open mic reading go before the featured readers, Golden West… you failed us again! I am not made out for this online gaming crap.


Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

GW is off the list save for frito pie. Thanks for coming out yesterday.

World conquest starts NOW.

Justin Sirois said...

Really, the only thing you can get there is breakfast food and anything with green chili.

Anonymous said...

no no no! the vegan ribs are sooo good! -k