Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Report

Started on Thursday really, Woodberry Kitchen, Greg’s new shirt, Jamie’s new title at work, Jamie is making the UCampaign a major part of his new work schedule (!!!), we celebrate with oysters and beer and wine and awesome, re-pitched the Kickstarter UC plan, bouncing around Hampden with Joe Cash, talking trash, moved Jamie out of that house, Arctic Lemon Flavored Drink, cart racing, I almost lose an ankle, can’t find a movie to watch, bought a stainless steal Klean Kanteen, gelato and espresso with Joe, BBQ at the house (1), Mags gives UC a pin to a tattoo artist and he wore it on his hat with pride, BBQ at the house (2), I somehow made a pretty good chutney but it could have used more spice, massive steaks, mac and cheese, Bandit wine in a little green box, tossing all the hot dogs in the fire, alone for the night, more work, 1993 is starting to become a book inside a book, “who will pick up the book of my life… the person I am, or the person I want to be?” bought a frame, Red Read Redemption almost made me cry, almost, seriously… this game is so emotionally well paced, cigar, cigar, walk, cigar, MGD, I9?, late call - best call.

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