Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this week on Kickstarter - Tumbleweed!

Tumbleweed! is a 5-minute, live action short film shot in the deserts and ghost towns of Arizona.

Utilizing a fictionalized history of the tumbleweed as a backdrop – beginning with its accidental discovery in 1807 by an amateur spice hunter – the film tells the story of a community of tumbleweeds living together in North Texas and the one tumbleweed who, unlike all the others, does not tumble.

The film was shot by a small crew of friends over a number of months. It is set to be scored by the critically-acclaimed band, Califone, at which point the process will be nearly complete. The only element that remains unaccounted for is the CG – we need hundreds of computer-generated tumbleweeds to populate the town. While our original budget included a talented CG artist, his services are no longer available to us due to a series of unexpected circumstances. Without the discount he was providing us, we are left without sufficient funds to entice the right person to take on the job. All told, this has been a labor of love lasting well over a year. With your help we can hopefully finish the film, and the great mysteries of the tumbleweed can be revealed to the world once and for all.

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