Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Report

Started with Thursday night in DC, new Understanding Campaign buttons, packed Saturn, Mags curses in front of toddlers, Barrel House reading featuring Publishing Genius and Narrow House – Glaser is a force – Mike Young might be the next Berrigan – this bar is very Baltimore in a good way – “you never told me you ran Narrow House” – peeing on a Jeep, left work early, back story about how Salim met Khalil – teachers’ hand bell smashed on the train tracks, met up with Dan Evans, people from the Corps, gave SCKLS to Jeff McGrath and Hans, Jeff has to be one of the nicest people on the planet, 5:10, “I rejected that guy”, gave away a few UC buttons, found out that when I was a bartender I used to serve that cop who shot the Marine outside of the Hippo - I remember "Haji" from the old Goodlove days - quiet guy - everyone knew he was a cop, impossible pool shot followed by a scratch, legs, the waitress was never in a Shakespeare play, fancy beer in the practice space, some Red Dead Ridiculous (can’t wait for that co-op Tuesday), watched a lot of footage about Fallujah – the sieges of April and November – birth defects caused by river water, the fireflies of Gwynn Oak are magic, cigar and Beam on the porch, more back story, Party Down, Mad Men, Red Dead Bedtime.

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