Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Report

Milana’s new photo series – purses on heads – awesome, little detailed paintings of skaters with long ass hair, nice to see you there, so much Bacardi, 30 seconds at the Hex, gay men pour the strongest drinks, Wye Oak is kinda great, I can’t remember a show that I actually paid attention to the whole time, feeling ill, massive breakfast, picked up the rest of the Understanding Campaign shirts, Luca emailed me the coolest animation for the Understanding Campaign, Ahmed sent some beautiful calligraphy for the Campaign as well, both will be up this week, off to DC, Margaret’s birthday party, cutest house, Mina smashes the bachi ball, Josh and Sweatpants rocked it, feeling awful (cold or allergies?), slept for 16 hours, Ric Royer’s book release party, Loid cake, Adam’s Say Jokes, Stephanie Barber’s bush, Roy Roy death sound machine, grilled cheese sandwich, bed!

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