Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Report

After reading SCKLS, Counter Point Press wants to look at Falcons, Justin Anderson wears an Understanding sticker while he plays, T-U-R-T-L-E power, good to see you after all this time, more bourbon, I didn’t totally get my ass kicked at pool, bombed, plastics, eyebrows plucked, too hot to move, big fat cigar in the heat, work and work, the goblins ask “Is she sick just like you?” – “No. It’s something different.” Art with a Heart benefit, I get mistaken for a party crasher, “I’m Justin Sirois.” great food and great music and greatness and I’m so proud of you, and your mom is pretty hip, I’ve never seen someone run to the bar so fast in my life, what the hell happened to the Otto Bar? Sweatpants show, blinded by the lights, bourbon (reoccurring), after party somewhere, 43 pins, sleep, more sleep, oyster fest at Woodberry was a cluster fuck, deep fried PBJ at Rocket, man oh man, more bourbon, she watches amateur porn but will not pay for it usually, shirtless Marine, take that marine home, Tonto humps a shoe, and then there’s some things I just can’t talk about on here because this is a very wholesome blog.

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